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BBTK v2 PC software

Posted: Tue May 14, 2013 12:44 pm
by BBTK|Support
20130408: Download PC software

Fixes and updates in this version:

  • Adds support for the Robotic Key Actuator (RKA)
  • Default installation folder is now "C:\BBTKv2\" in order to address permissions issues on some systems
  • Fixes bug where if COM port was not selected in Tools|Options it would be wiped from the bbtk.config XML file
  • Fixes a non functional line label menu

*LATEST* BBTK v2 PC software (20160301 RC4 software revision)

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2016 12:15 pm
by BBTK|Support
20160301: Highlights
20160301: Download PC software

Fixes and updates in this version:

  • FAQ section added to User Guide to cover most experimental scenarios and equipment
  • New Event Marking module aimed at TTL. Map up to 8 inputs to 8 real-time TTL or other events (output signal matches duration of input) – made for EEG
  • 16 Channel TTL Breakout Board fully supported (supplied with Elite models/optional upgrade)
  • Specific Elite versions of DSC, EG, DSCAR, EGPT, DSRE and Input/Output Line checks
  • Logic Analyser speed increases of up to 100x or more when dealing with large files
  • File load and save speed improvements
  • Sampling runtime extended to hours
  • Line Arranger lets you select any 20 lines from a possible 36 to display on the Logic Analyser when using the BBTK v2 Elite
  • Line Change Graph: graph selected line changes from the Line by Line Analysis spreadsheet – quickly check display accuracy
  • Full support for the BBTK Robotic Key Actuator (RKA) to press laptop keys, response pads, iPads, iPhones or other touch screen devices etc.
  • Full support for the BBTK USB carbon fibre effect response pad
  • Numerous speed, GUI and stability improvements

Quick upgrade instructions:

  • Make a note of your current BBTK v2 COM port
  • Uninstall your current version of the BBTK PC software. Install the update above
  • From the Firmware folder copy the BBTK.bin and BBTK.ini files to your BBTK v2 drive letter
  • Power cycle the BBTK v2 (unplug power & USB, re-plug power, then USB. Confirm that the firmware date shown on the LCD is 20160301. Both firmware and PC software (RC4) need to be the same revision, i.e. 20160301/RC4
  • Start the BBTK v2 software: under Tools | Startup Options… select your BBTK v2 COM port, then choose a Default Start-up Mode: Entry | Pro | Elite, to match your hardware, click Apply and restart the PC software
  • Updated user guides can be found in the Documentation folder (if you purchased the API/SDK please contact us for a free upgrade)